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Meet Our Summer Interns Turned Full-Time Employees

Summer internships are a great way for college students to get their feet wet in the real world and life after college. It's also beneficial for those who may not know exactly what position or field they want to get into after graduation. 

Rockstar Interns Turned Full-Time Employees

Not all summer internships turn into full-time jobs, but it sure is nice when they do! GradGuard was fortunate to have several interns who started in May 2021 continue their internship long past the summer, and throughout the school year. After graduating, the three of them officially became full-time employees this summer.

We are thrilled to welcome Elie, Darique, and Emily to the GradGuard team as Membership Experience Specialists! They're a core part of our membership experience team that's committed to ensuring current and future members have the best experience with GradGuard.  

Get to know a little bit about them below. 

Profile photo of Elie Corbett

Elie Corbett

Job: Membership Experience Specialist

College: Northern Arizona University

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Fun Fact: I'm scuba certified! I've gone scuba diving several times, including once at night which was a little scary! 

Favorite Thing About GradGuard: The best part about working here is the opportunity to grow within the company. I've been given the opportunity to work on projects with people all throughout the company. You can really tell GradGuard is supportive and committed to finding the perfect career path for each person! 

Most Challenging Thing About Working at GradGuard: Studying for the exam to become a licensed P&C agent was definitely challenging! I'm happy to say I passed on my first try.

Profile photo of Darique Williams

Darique Williams

Job: Membership Experience Specialist

College: Arizona State University

Hometown: Avondale, AZ

Fun Fact: I played college football at another school my freshman year until I tore my ACL. I transferred to ASU after that.

Favorite Thing About GradGuard: The people that work here and make the culture and atmosphere fun! 

Most Challenging Thing About Working at GradGuard: Getting out of my comfort zone and asking questions.

Profile photo of Emilt Bruchmiller

Emily Bruchmiller

Job: Membership Experience Specialist

College: Texas Tech University

Hometown: Houston, TX

Fun Fact: I was born on Thanksgiving.

Favorite Thing About GradGuard: I love the company culture, especially when we do office lunches.

Most Challenging Thing About Working at GradGuard: It's not necessarily challenging, but it's funny how just about every day, someone on the phone comments on my Texas accent!

We're so happy to have Elie, Darique, and Emily on the team! They join a couple of other GradGuard members who are also former interns.