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GradGuard's Wimer Alberto Talks About Considering Alternate Career Paths on The Meeting After The Meeting Podcast

Everyone should have a "village" with like-minded people that can be a safe and welcoming space. That's the idea behind The Meeting After The Meeting Podcast. The show, which is hosted by seven higher ed professionals all over the country, shares their "village" with listeners every week. 

Hosts are seasoned higher ed professionals 

The hosts are veteran higher ed professionals working in university administrations, student affairs, residential life, and housing. 

Wimer Alberto, GradGuard's Senior Director of Campus Partnerships, was invited on as a guest for the episode that was released on Monday, Feb. 22, 'Job Searching Part 3: Is the Grass Greener?'

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Is the grass greener in another career path?

The Meeting After The Meeting Podcast hosts kick off the episode by saying they've seen a lot of people finding themselves at the crossroad of staying in higher education or leaving the field. The coronavirus and the many challenges it brought to the industry has made some people in higher ed reevaluate their positions. 

This episode shares advice for people who may be thinking about leaving higher ed and taking a different career path, and wondering what that might look like for them. 

Alberto brings a unique and valuable perspective to the episode.  He was in residence life for seven years before coming to GradGuard. Alberto shares his story about starting as a hall director at Binghamton, his alma mater. 

When an opportunity to do something completely different came up, Alberto found himself in a position many young professionals find themselves in at least once in their careers. On 'Job Searching Part 3: Is the Grass Greener?', Alberto shares his thought process for considering other career paths outside of higher ed.

Knowing how skills and experience can transfer elsewhere

The hosts discuss the importance of not tying your professional identity to a functional area. It can be difficult to do, but allowing yourself to see a life outside of what you're currently in and know how your skills and experience in your current job and industry are transferrable. 

The Meeting After The Meeting 

S2:E17 | Job Searching Part 3: Is the Grass Greener‪?‬

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