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Testimonial: Renters Insurance Covered Dorm Room Theft

When it comes to tuition and renters insurance, students and their families have the biggest advantage when they attend a school that's partnered with GradGuard. Our network of more than 400 schools makes it easy for these students to buy protection programs that they're looking for, without the need to shop around, or verify they're getting the best deal. Students and families know these programs are recommended by their college or university and can opt-in while filing out campus paperwork.

That's the case at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Students are given the option to opt-in to the program with GradGuard as they fill out their student housing forms online.

Renters Insurance proved to be a valuable resource for Avontay during his sophomore year.

He didn't opt for the insurance his freshman year. But that year, one of the buildings became flooded and that made him consider renters insurance again. 

"I have some pretty solid stuff that I care about. So of course I'm going to want to protect it," Avontay said.

Renters insurance is a smart choice

Avontay learned about GradGuard's Renters Insurance while he completed his housing application. He describes the plan as very inexpensive.

Morehouse College GradGuard Renters Insurance

The spring semester of 2020 started off without any issues. But by March, everything changed due to the pandemic. 

Colleges and universities shut down nationwide, causing students to leave many of their non-essential belongings behind. 

"It was due to COVID-19, so we had to move out and what not," Avontay said. "But my stuff stayed for a month or two."

By the time he was able to get back on campus at the end of the semester to pick up the rest of his belongings, he says a lot of it was gone. 

"You could tell that my stuff was clearly rummaged through and everything was gone," Avontay said.

He says he's grateful he took his gaming system and TV with him when he left campus, but a lot of other clothing and belongings were taken.

Filing a claim shouldn't be difficult

Avontay filed a police report with his school before filing a claim with GradGuard

Before he could file a claim with GradGuard for his stolen things, he filed a police report and provided proof of ownership.

When it came to filing a claim, Avontay said the process was surprisingly easy. 


"It was a lot more pleasant than what I expected," he said. "I thought it was going to be very rigorous, I was going to have to jump through a lot of hoops. But the woman that I worked with was very helpful."

Recommendations as a Residential Advisor

Avontay's claim was processed and he was reimbursed for his stolen property. Based on his experience, he recommends the program to other college students and families.

"I push most people toward GradGuard," he said. "I'm a residential advisor. Parents even ask and I tell them the same thing. GradGuard was good with my experience, so based off of what I went through, I would say, yeah, get it."

When the pandemic prompted campus closures nationwide last March, it was natural for many students and families to think they no longer needed renters insurance if they weren't physically going to be on campus. The good thing is GradGuard covers students and their belongings, no matter where they are located. That's what happened in this case with Avontay. Nearly a year after the incident, he's able to share his experience with other students.