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GradGuard Makes it Easy for Off-Campus Housing Managers to Protect Residents and Their Assets

Comprehensive protection programs are now available to help student housing operators protect their residents from the impact of growing mental health crisis, COVID-19 implications, and property losses.

Austin, Texas, July 14, 2021 – Interface Student Housing Conference

GradGuard™, the leading provider of property and casualty insurance programs to more than 400 colleges and universities, announced today at the 13th Annual Interface Student Housing Conference that its college renters and tuition insurance programs are now available to the off-campus and private housing industry.

“Covid-19 has highlighted the unique risks of college life and the need for comprehensive solutions that only GradGuard provides,” said John Fees, co-founder of GradGuard.

Living away from home, whether on or off-campus, has its fair share of risk.  

  • More than 28,000 crime and safety incidents are reported annually on average on college campuses, according to Clery Act Reports.
  • Nearly 2,000 fires are reported within on-campus student housing annually, according to Clery Act safety reports.
  • A nationwide study published by the Journal of Adolescent Health found that rates of moderate to severe anxiety and depression among U.S. college students rose substantially over the last few years -- from 18% and 23%, to 34% and 41%, respectively.

GradGuard’s market-leading tuition insurance program protects more than just the cost of tuition. It may provide a refund for tuition, academic fees, and most importantly, on or off-campus housing costs. For example, if a student has to break an off-campus lease due to a covered medical issue, our tuition insurance program can reduce difficult collections issues.

GradGuard’s tuition insurance program is also the only one in the nation that provides a refund to students who are forced to withdraw from school due to becoming ill with Covid-19 or other covered reasons, such as an injury or serious mental health condition.  

College students face unique risks and GradGuard is designed for just that. Its renters insurance programs contain an exclusive student endorsement including theft coverage, a $100 deductible, no sublimits on electronics and worldwide property coverage.

Furthermore, the program can protect housing operators from unintentional damage caused by residents. GradGuard operates a technology platform that can seamlessly integrate with most leasing software providers and promote greater financial literacy among student residents.  

GradGuard’s insurance programs reduce risks and concerns that come with taking on added work such as collecting insurance payments or compliance issues.

“Today’s announcement extends our college insurance programs beyond on-campus student housing to also become a valuable amenity for off-campus and private student housing companies,” Fees added. “We’re pleased that more student housing operators have embraced GradGuard’s valuable protection programs for their residents.”

GradGuard’s renters insurance programs are available at no cost to housing companies through or for multi-family operators.