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GradGuard Partners with Transact Campus Inc. for Tuition Insurance

GradGuard's list of exclusive integrated campus payment programs continues to expand, with the latest announcement of a partnership with Transact Campus Inc. The joint collaboration with Transact, a leader in integrated campus payments, provides value and peace of mind to students, families, and campus leaders with tuition insurance.

Collaboration provides peace of mind

The partnership will help students return to school by reimbursing the financial losses of tuition, fees, and housing costs if a student withdraws during the semester due to a covered reason. 

Students may be protected for a variety of serious illness or injuries, chronic illnesses, and mental health conditions outlined in the program. Institutions that implement the program can reduce the cost of withdrawals and demonstrate to families that they can overcome an unexpected financial loss if their student is forced to withdraw. 

GradGuard's Tuition Insurance program allows institutions to proactively provide resources and tools to help families maintain confidence, which is critical within the current COVID crisis environment.

"We're dedicated to building partnerships with innovators like GradGuard to help our clients serve and support their students and parents, said Laura McLaughlin, vice president of payments strategy at Transact. "Now more than ever, the cost of student withdrawals is a growing concern for both schools and families. Tuition reimbursement insurance is one more way to help ease that worry and provide some peace of mind."

No-cost student benefit for schools

Through this partnership, mutual clients of GradGuard and Transact will receive access to GradGuard's Tuition Insurance options at no-cost. Protected expenses for policyholders can include tuition, room and board, and other applicable fees.

"We're dedicated to helping schools protect their students and promote greater confidence in the families they serve," said Derrick Shy, vice president of business development at GradGuard. "The integration with Transact's ePayment solution will now enable all students at participating institutions to make an active choice to protect themselves with the most relevant form of tuition protection available, helping to provide a refund to insured students for the financial losses of tuition, academic fees, and housing."

Exclusive partnerships with campus payment providers

Transact is the latest campus payment provider to join the expanding exclusive GradGuard network. Implementing GradGuard’s Tuition Protection Program into your existing payment portal is easier than ever with software you already use, and is done so at no cost to your school. GradGuard has exclusive partnerships with the largest payment and billing providers in higher education.

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