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Setting Up an Insurance Protection Program in as Little as Two Weeks

Modern insurance programs provide valuable protection for college students and families, especially during uncertain times. On top of this, the burden of large scale financial losses on institutions has worsened over recent years. 

The good news is there's a solution to these growing problems, and it doesn't cost a thing for colleges or universities. Getting started with the program is easy. The best part? Simple, streamlined integration with technology your campus is already using.

Programs that educate and protect

Buying insurance to protect their investment in higher education, whether it’s a laptop, tuition, or campus housing, shouldn’t be difficult nor time consuming for families. College is expensive, and empowering students and families to make the decision to protect their investment isn’t just smart -- it’s good business. 

These days, many students expect renters insurance to be a requirement or at least a recommendation for on or off-campus housing. As for tuition insurance, 85% of institutions surveyed in a 2019 HigherEdStudy agree that buying tuition insurance should be as easy as buying travel insurance.  GradGuard delivers on that expectation more than any other insurance provider in higher education through our expanding list of integrated partners.

  • Provide a voluntary and informative approach to educating students about the need for tuition and renters protection.
  • Give equal access for all students and families to protect their investment.
  • Partnering with GradGuard saves families money on plans with better coverage.

Acing the technical set up in just weeks

Many colleges and universities believe providing an insurance solution to students is more of a challenge than it really is. Even if it’s nowhere near the top of your ever-growing to-do list, it should be. Trust us, you’ll find yourself crossing off this task faster than you might think!

1. Get stakeholders involved early. 

Student insurance benefits, including both tuition and renters insurance, are no longer only a student finance concern.  They're often deemed as solutions that multiple departments across campus find value in, and therefore more people need to be involved in the decision making process. 

2. The technical setup will streamline the process for administrators. 

The good news is it’s now easier than ever to implement tuition or renters insurance at your institution. We’re not reinventing the wheel with any of our setups thanks to our exclusive partnerships across payment and housing portals and have completed the development and technical requirements for you.

3. Insurance solutions are integrated with technology you already use at no cost to your institution.

Whatever technology you are already using for your tuition payment portal, or for your housing platform, integrated options are available for you and at no cost - GradGuard nor our integrated partners assess fees to your institution for this enhanced functionality!

4. The technology requires little to no work by institutions.

Once GradGuard's solution is integrated into your existing system, it’s managed with little to no action by campus administrations which means your campus administrators can focus on other issues and pressing needs.

"Making the launch of a successful program with limited technology resources is by far and away one of the most frequently asked about components requested by our campus partners", according to Derrick Shy, Vice President of Business Development at GradGuard.  "Through our integrated partnerships with some of the largest and most recognized service providers in higher education, GradGuard is able to deliver on that need better than any other insurance provider."

Final Thoughts

Mitigating risks that may impact college completion for students with programs that are integrated into software you already use doesn't have to be a daunting task. Flexible setup options based on your institution's billing and payment or housing platforms complement your toolbox of resources and services for families by allowing them to voluntarily purchase a robust tuition or renters protection plan.
Once the technical set up is complete, difficult collections issues from student-caused damage or withdrawals will be a thing of the past. As the leading provider of insurance programs to more than 400 colleges and universities, we want to help you provide your students and families with the most modern forms of protection programs. To learn more about how GradGuard can benefit your campus, please contact us at