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Sacramento State Provides Value With a Renters Protection Program

Oftentimes, one incident with sprinklers unintentionally going off in a residence hall is all it takes to look into a college renters insurance program for students. That’s exactly what happened at Sacramento State

The real need for renters protection 

Several years ago, a student accidentally set off a sprinkler system that caused water to run down four floors in a residential building, according to Yolonda Blackshire, Housing Assignments Coordinator at Sac State. She recalls what a “blessing” it was that the student had renters insurance.

Learning from other schools in the program

Not long after the sprinkler incident, StarRez and GradGuard first presented the Renters Protection Program to Sacramento State in November 2016. Blackshire and other housing staff were on board, believing it was a good idea to present the program to students within the housing application process.

GradGuard’s extensive network of colleges and universities, particularly in the California State University system, is what sold Sacramento State to the partnership, Blackshire says. 

“There were other partners who were using it and we did some research and found that it was working for them,” she said. 

GradGuard currently works with 16 out of the 23 schools in the CSU system, including San Diego State University, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and CSU Monterey Bay.

The Renters Protection Program is not a requirement for students at Sacramento State. What is required, however, is that students indicate insurance preference and acknowledge the school isn’t responsible for stolen or damaged property. While filling out the housing application, students see that personal liability and property coverage is strongly recommended to live on campus, and GradGuard is a viable coverage option.

“The process was super, super simple,” Blackshire said. “We liked the product and thought it was good. And the integration was very simple.”

Integration means no need to shop around 

Since the integration launched, more students each year at Sacramento State enroll in GradGuard’s Renters Protection Program. Blackshire says she hasn’t heard anything unfavorable, let alone one complaint, from students about the program over the past five years.

Part of that may be due to the fact that GradGuard is specifically designed for college students with a low $100 deductible and no limitations on electronics. 

Blackshire mentions that many students on campus buy renters insurance, which provides peace of mind not only for them but also for their parents, even if they don’t end up using the insurance. 

“I have heard good things about feeling relieved that they have something and that they were able to get it through our portal during the application process, rather than having to shop around. It made it a lot easier for them,” Blackshire said. 

Always improving the program by keeping students top of mind

For schools who are unsure about what a partnership with GradGuard might look like or how it benefits the students, Blackshire says one of the biggest appeals about the program is it’s always improving.

The program is ever-evolving as GradGuard and its exclusive technology partners, including StarRez, consistently work to upgrade systems to be user-friendly, inclusive, and simple to understand by students, families, and administrators.

“You’re always working to make sure that the integration is smooth, improving the product, making it more visible to students, and easier to use,” Blackshire said. “That’s what makes you all great and stand out.”

GradGuard is able to provide the best product and services with regular feedback from students and schools.


Partner schools do a real service for students and families by providing a trusted recommendation for renters protection. There’s no need to shop around for the best quotes or coverage when enrolling in GradGuard is simple with the program integrated into the school’s existing housing software. Participation in the program continues to increase each year at Sacramento State, as more and more students and families learn how easy it is to protect themselves and their belongings while at school with GradGuard.