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Testimonial: Why Renters Insurance is a Good Idea for College Students

College students have a lot of stuff with them on campus, and they're often expensive items that aren't easily replaced. It's no surprise laptops or bicycles are stolen or damaged from time to time. Colleges don't replace these items, but GradGuard's Renters Insurance can. Garrett, a student at UC Santa Barbara purchased a policy because he thought it was a good idea. He shares his experience with filing a claim for his stolen bike.  

Simple way to prepare for the unexpected

Garrett, UC Santa Barbara student

Garrett learned about GradGuard's Renters Insurance through his school. He said he heard about occasional bike thefts on campus, so he purchased a policy as a precaution.

His Renters Insurance came in handy when he returned from work one day to find his bike that was kept outside his apartment had been stolen. 

“I had gone out to work and then when I had gone back, I noticed something was off," Garrett said. "I went inside my apartment and I came back outside and I realized that my bike was no longer there.”

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Garrett called GradGuard to file a claim for his stolen bike. He was smart to think ahead, and take a picture of his receipt when he bought the bike, to be able to show proof of purchase. 

He says he'd definitely recommend GradGuard after he was able to get some money back to buy a new bike. 

"I think just having insurance, in general, is a pretty good idea, since you never know what can happen," Garrett said. 

Insurance recommended by schools

UC Santa Barbara is one of GradGuard's school partners, which recommend renters insurance to its students. More than 125 colleges and universities embrace GradGuard's Renters Insurance.

Here's just a glimpse at some of the reasons why:

1) No-Cost to the Institution. This student benefit provides real value to residents and the institution. It can help pay for stolen or damaged property when the school may not be able to. 

2) 100% of residents are eligible for preferred coverage. This is the only student-endorsed renters insurance program designed specifically for college life.  International students and students with limited or no credit score are also approved.

3) The only renters insurance program designed for college life. It features a proprietary student endorsement that provides a deductible as low as $100, global property coverage and enhanced coverage for electronics.