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College Tales Launches ScreenshotsGradGuard recently launched a new microsite at that features news clips and comments from social media that illustrate the real risks of college life.

"People may find it hard to believe how often a fire or burst pipe can affect the lives of college students, but here are the real stories," explains Natalie Tarangioli, GradGuard's Director of Marketing and Communications.

The site features a growing list of campus horror stories ranging from the simple (electrical fires) to the ridiculous (students trying to create rocket fuel cause an explosion).

"We wanted to shed some light on the sheer number of these incidents and present them as if visitors were reading a children's storybook," said Rob Kubasko, GradGuard's Chief Creative Officer.

The site has amusing images that represent each of the stories presented. also showcases actual comments from social media users about the perils that students may experience or have faced when it comes to securing their family's financial well being.

Visit today!